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I'm so thrilled to...1

Begin my first Blog post :)

This has been a long time coming, I have always wanted my own Blog and to create content for everyone to read and relate to so here goes,

Hi, I'm James, i'm currently living down in West Sussex, originally from North East Lincolnshire, I work in Retail, I'm a Singer/ Songwriter and also have a small business which I run in my spare time.

Throughout my career I have been travelling all over the UK and Europe and visiting some beautiful places so it is going to be even better this year as I get to share that all with you.

You'll have to bare with me whilst I get the hang of everything but Im pretty sure I can manage to juggle this around my jobs and busy career.

The Blog will feature a varied content of things such as Mens Products, Fragrance, Clothes, Lifestyle and also Travel, and probably plenty more of things to be added to that.

Im all for my quotes, so if you ever see anything I write and like it, feel free to share, as I'm pretty sure other people could relate to it also. I know you're probably thinking, what Is my favourite quote.. Well here goes,

"Don't wait for an opportunity, Create it"

I'm a big believer in opportunities and from time to time create my own doors to open, but at the same time you can be successful in what you do if you have a dream, a plan, an idea you can always make it a reality with hard work and determination.

Anyway, I think thats enough for now, I cant wait for you to get to know me and discover everything I get up to, So stay tuned.. The first few posts will be coming very soon.

James :)

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