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Fix Up Look Sharp Altr For Men.

Its not often you come across a brand specifically for Men, especially when it comes to Make Up.

As the times are changing, it has become more accepted in this modern day for guys to wear makeup and it’s so good to see that there is a brand that specifically targets MEN!

Check out Altr! They have made a product just for men and I have to say this one is definitely staying in my bag and becoming a necessary product to have especially when I’m going on a night out or weekend away.

I love that this product is packed with essential vitamins and oils to tighten and soften the skin and also it is cruelty free which means it hasn’t been tested on animals, you can even recycle the tin the product comes in.

Upon the first application I wasn’t too sure how much to put on or how the product was going to come out of its packaging but I tried a small amount with my finger and put it under my eye, I was really surprised with the colour match, I have the shade medium, and it certainly was a great match.

I suffer from having dark circles under my eyes, and they were gone in an instant, it had me wondering why haven’t I discovered this product before!

Also, the Face Fix is good for covering redness such as on your nose or around blemishes.

I’m really pleased at how far such a small amount will go of the Face Fix and highly recommend this to you all, I’m feeling a lot fresher and blemish free now.

The Face Fix comes in 3 different shades, Light, Medium and Bronze, there is also a skin chart online which you can match up to a photo ( I sent one into Altr and they matched me from my photo)

There are also some really good facts (which I didn’t even know, but now I do) regarding male skin, Did you know it is 25% thicker than Women’s skin plus it is often more rougher and oilier than Women’s skin, So this product has been specially designed for Male skin.

Altr also has also recently been featured in GQ Magazine as one of the best mens moisturisers.

Have you used any men’s makeup before? What’s your thoughts on guys wearing makeup ? Have you tried any Altr products?

The Face Fix is available on the Altr website for £9.99 along with some great other products.

Sign up to the Altr mailing list for an amazing 20% off now!


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