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Friend In A Box.

Thoughtfulness in a box! Just what it says on the tin. Friend In A Box is such a fantastic concept which basically allows you to browse their collection of ready to go items online and then post them to your nearest and dearest.

I got to choose from their collections which box i'd like, there are so many to choose from I thought id go with something that I love the most and that is Cocktails! So I chose the Fever Tree cocktail book

The box came beautifully packaged, presented and also contained a typewritten letter inside which is such a personable addition. You can customise this yourself or have a pre written letter in with your package. Who sends letters these days ? Its so unexpected when you find the note inside, especially if it was written by a friend from the heart, we get so caught up in this modern day world we sometimes forget who is there for us when we need them the most. Sending something like this is really simple, quick and easy, it fits through any ordinary postbox too so no inconveniences getting to the post office sorting offices.

The box contained the Fever Tree book called "The Art Of Mixing" and had some blood red oranges in the box, these would be a great garnish to the cocktail making once you have found your desired recipe to make. They create an incredible pink hue when popped into a gin or vodka and tonic or can be nibbled on as a healthy snack instead of nuts or crisps

There are over 125 different cocktails in this book to make, I'd gladly go from the start to the end :) but probably not in one night.. It is also such a good excuse to gather people round or why not have a cocktail party night at home, celebrate a birthday or occasion with friends making cocktails. It can lead to so much fun and enjoyment, all from just this book.

Below are two of my favourite ones so far..
Ultimate Moscow Mule

You can purchase the Friend In A Box Fever Tree Book (£22) on the link below,

Im looking forward to surprising a few friends over the next coming months, and i'd highly recommend Friend In A Box to you all, it was a pleasant service throughout and Jane who owns this business has such a kind heart and has well and truly thought this concept through. I wish her all the success in the world and hope it continues to grow into a very popular and in demand business.

Here are a few other boxes which might take your fancy;

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I was gifted the Friend In A Box Fever Tree Box in exchange for a blog post.

Which Friend In A Box do you like the look of ? Have you been sent one before? I look forward to reading your comments below.



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