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Germaine De Cappucini | For Men

Recently I have had the pleasure in trying out lots of different mens products, I like to at least give them a try for a good few weeks before writing my views and thoughts on them and that is exactly what I did with these products I have recieved from Germaine De Cappucini.

I'm sure you have also noticed in my blog, is that of the products I write about are Cruelty Free, this is a huge ethic I believe in and it should be across all cosmetics but unfortunately animals still get tested on in the UK.

I was fortunate enough to be gifted the Germaine De Cappucini | For Men gift set which contained a toiletry bag, the Energy Eyes Roll On and the Powerage.

Having never used this brand before, I was super impressed upon reading they were cruelty free, they use no Parabens or Microbeads.

The first product I used was the Energy Eyes Roll On, which is a cooling roll on eye gel, which helps reduce the dark circles and also lifts and firms the eye area.

After about 4 days I noticed a difference, and after continuous use each morning my eyes felt so refreshed and dark circle free (no other product has worked for me and this one certainly has).

The massage roll on ball helps stimulate the muscles around the area which increases the blood flow giving a better coverage when wearing the Energy Eyes Roll On.

I don't want this to run out haha! I have been using this for a good 5 weeks now and It has worked wonders, especially after all the travelling and touring I have been doing plus the late nights, this has been a saviour!.

I also got to try the Powerage, this is the Germaine De Capuccini Energising Moisturiser.

I definitely noticed within a few days my skin was less dry and dehydrated, and was a lot softer. As mentioned on their website they describe this as an "energy charge" If you can imagine what you feel like after drinking an energy drink, that is exactly what it did to my face. I was super charged and ready for my day ahead.

I am usually unsure of some moisturisers because of their fragrances, this one however changed my views on that, seen as I have never tried the brand It was amazing! really masculine - I think it could possibly be the Birch Sap and the key ingredients which gives you all the vitamins you need in a product.

The key ingredients for Powerage are;

  • D-Tox Complex – a powerful enzymatic complex whose properties protect and rejuvenate the skin helping the skin recover from ageing caused by free radicals.  This is through a natural ‘cellular recycling’ process helping the skin to eliminate toxins, thereby recovering its natural regenerating capacity.  Day by day, the skin recovers a more youthful look, wrinkles are reduced and the tone of the skin is smoother and more radiant.

  • GN Protect – an extract rich in Zinc with gene protecting activity.  Also works against glycation – which is caused through an excess of sugar in our daily diets, which affects the skin.

  • Birch Sap – a substance rich in trace elements, (Silicon, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium) and Vitamins from the C & B Group.

I have to say i'm really impressed with the Germaine De Cappucini range and I can't wait to try out the rest of the brand and their Mens products and also their new Spa Range.

Have you used the brand before? What would you like to try?

Check out Germaine De Cappucini's Mens Range below

I was gifted these products.


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