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Its not often you do come across Vegetarian and 100% Vegan products when it comes to cosmetics but one of my aims this year was to make a start on being 100% cruelty free and use products not derived from animals whatsoever.

This brings me onto the brand Man Cave. They are a british male grooming company who source all their ingredients from the UK as well as being Vegan and Cruelty Free with their packaging 100% Recyclable.

After a 2 year development process they launched in 2012 (Why didn’t I hear about these products before) they are now known nationwide and also available at Tesco!

Nowadays, im all about a few steps in a facial regime, but now im starting to think I need to actually think about what im putting on my body as well as my face, the Man Cave Cedarwood Shower Gel will help cleanse the skin as well as protecting natural oil barriers. It is also made from naturally derived extracts of Tea Tree, Black Pepper Oil and Cedarwood, which gives a really woody but energizing scent.

Im really excited to try the rest of this brand out and see what it has in store, after using the Cedarwood Shower Gel I’m really impressed at the longevity of the scent on my skin, the nourishment it gives but also how eco friendly the brand is being Vegan and Cruely Free!

Lets hope some other skincare and bodycare brands will follow in their steps and become Cruelty Free and Vegan.

Have you tried any of the Man Cave products before? If so which ones? Which ones would you try ?

You can #OwnTheBathroom by having your own Cedarwood Shower Gel, available from Tesco and other High Street Retailers.

I was gifted these products from Man Cave.


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