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Timeblock Day & Night Nutrient Complex

Formulated in Switzerland, timeblock is an anti-ageing nutrient complex that optimally supports cell regeneration and protection. The plant based anti-oxidants help slow down the biological ageing process, laying the foundation for a long and healthy life.

I'm really looking forward to giving this product a try and seeing my results in a few weeks time. Here is a bit more information below on the Timeblock Day & Night Nutrient Complex.

Timeblock Day and Night Complex contains nutrients that have been exclusively derived from premium products such as green tea tips (white tea), barley grass and wheatgrass, algae, grape seeds, shiitake mushrooms, tomatoes and marigold – which are then combined according to a precise scientific formula in the laboratory. To ensure a particularly high concentration of nutrients, only green tea tips, barley grass and wheatgrass that have been exclusively grown for timeblock at altitudes of up to 3,000 metres are used.

The recommended daily amount (2 capsules) corresponds to eating a daily portion of 5,950 grams of raw plant foods and drinking 3 litres of green tea.

One capsule provides energy and radiance throughout the day, while the other brings rest and regeneration at night. Taking care of your whole body: including Hair, Nails, Immune System and basically every vitamin our body needs. The thing I really am interested to try is that it is proven to give you better sleep, this is something I struggle with so I'm intreigued as to how this will make a difference to my lifestyle, as well as boost my energy levels and wellbeing.

Directions for use

Timeblock is a dietary supplement and should be taken daily. Tailored to our day night bio-rhythm, 1 Day Capsule to be taken in the morning and 1 Night Capsule to be taken in the evening with plenty of water prior to meals.

For best results, timeblock capsules should be taken over an extended period. timeblock is suitable for vegans and is gluten, lactose and GMO free.

You can purchase this product by clicking the link below

Watch this space for an update on my trial of the Timeblock Nutrient Complex.


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