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VocalZone have just released two BRAND NEW Sugar Free flavours, Honey & Lemon and also Blackcurrant (MY FAV) - They are also Vegetarian and Vegan friendly!

Its always good to look after your voice as a singer, this is one of the products I always can rely on to help me get through during my most busiest times, and to just help relieve my throat, due to the lifestyles we live, we are either exposed to a dry atmosphere with air con / fans / rooms with no air etc, so the VocalZone helps bring that moisture back. I have definitely found the clarity of my voice is more enhanced with the use of the pastilles too.

There isn’t a single throat pastille, lozenge, tablet or throat sweet on the market which will magically heal the symptoms of a overworked voice or sore throat. However, combined with healthy vocal care routines, Vocalzone will effectively reduce the discomfort your voice may be causing you, hence reducing the risk of you getting vocal nodules.

Vocalzone works in three key ways to support your voice:

It Soothes

It Clears

It Relieves

The composition of the throat pastilles is made from essential oils, so when the pastilles are dissolving in your mouth, you’re inhaling the essential oils which supply all the benefits associated with the Vocalzone range. By not having any synthetic anaesthetic or Benzocaine in our formula, it is much easier to distinguish whether you’re suffering from vocal strain or overuse.

Have a try of them yourself and see if they make a difference, VocalZone is available at a pharmacy near you or from


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